Arcade Fire is an orchestral indie rock band which formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2003. I came across this video on Stereogum (which described it as a “visually ravishing piece of work”), and it sure is!
Some people were complaining that it was selfish for the musicians to be absent but I don’t think it was necessary. The video captures the whole idea and message in the lyrics and is nicely directed, what more do you want?
So many factors come to play when I pick out the type of music I listen to : it has to have a message and it has to be original. I really like the idea of asking their fans to dress formally to their events. I think it’s really classy. Don’t you? Any Arcade Fire fans out there?


This Is What It Feels Like

The Los Angeles native and self-taught pianist, vocalist, and songwriter – Banks

This week I’ve been listening to “This Is What It Feels Like” by Banks. You should check it out if you like atmospheric sounds. It’s nice and slow and sounds like BASECAMP (if you know “Emmanuel”). It’s the kind of music that really immerses you in the beat. ^^

Do you know her? Do you know a song that sounds similar? (comment!)


My Favorite Part of the Day by Hannah Dewey

Dear diary,

Everyone’s asleep and I’m the first to wake up, (it’s 6:45 am). I think I’m a morning person because once I get up I can’t go back to sleep and mornings are my favorite part of the day. I like watching everyone wake up, take their time/rush off. I like everything about mornings. There’s really nothing to not like. I found this picture on Flickr and I find it beautiful because it reflects everything I like : warmth, mornings, quiet, steam… Well done Hannah Dewey for capturing so many nice things in one picture!

Love, Ann.

Currently : take 1

Marhaba, diary! This is my take on the currently trend (link-up, right? Idk…). I got the idea from a teen blog I follow, Diary Of A Kiwi Girl. Hers was more complete. I took out some parts that I didn’t have stuff for. Clicking on the picture below will take you to the creator’s blog. It’s my first time so, …

Watching :: ‘A Lot Like Love’, It’s a movie starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet. It’s a really cute movie… now I have the song “Brighter Than Sunshine” by Aqualung stuck in my head 😛

Reading :: Huckleberry Finn. Not reading, since it’s an audiobook. I want to read as many English classics as I can, there’s a reason why it’s a classic right? I just like opening up, and discovering as much as I can since I’m very uncertain about what I want to do in the future.

Listening :: Melanie Fiona!!! (Type of hip-hop and R&B mix) listen to ‘This Time ft. J. Cole’ and ‘Change The Record ft. B.o.B.’. I’m a fan!

Making :: A playlist for the end of this month. I should be uploading it soon so if you like indie music, you should stay tuned 😉

Feeling :: lazy :$

Drinking :: Pink lemonade with ice. And lots of it. It’s the main thing I do when I have nothing to do.

Wanting :: A new laptop. It would be nice to have one for christmas. Blogging just isn’t the same without a laptop.

Enjoying :: the feeling of a good stretch. I try to stretch as much as possible and it’s fantastic.

Waiting :: for my parents to come home.

Liking :: my grades. Going up! (Again)

Hoping :: The following vacation will be the best Christmas vacation ever! And that I get better at my drawings. My project is to draw out a collection on my models.

Smelling :: Japanese cherry blossom scented body mist. Smells like bliss.

Thinking :: about life and spirituality. I feel like I need to be more connected with God. I really need to be more religious with my morning devotional…

So there. That’s my own “currently”. Let me know if you’re doing it on your blog too and I might feature you!

The pantomime

Dear diary,

Today we got a visit from the talented Guerassim Dichliev a Bulgarian mime. He took us by surprise from the beginning to the end! The show was very funny and I must add that he is very talented with sending messages through his gestures. My favorite part was the one about the conductor who conducted so forcefully he ended up stabbing hisself with his baton! It’s funny because he was orchestrating but looked like he was in so much pain (you know the way they always do) …turns around … And the baton is planted in his chest! That’s not even half of the funny part, but that’s the part I love talking about! It was equally emotional and I was close to tears at some points.
The show went splendidly well and in the end we were invited to write in this book of “feelings”, I would have loved to but I just couldn’t :$ …oh, yes! I’m a big coward.
If it weren’t for that I would have loved to write :

“Dear Mr. Guéro, I loved your show because it made me laugh and cry! You are very talented with making your body speak and I love your art.”

It’s nothing particularly special but I want to be part of the fans, the motivators. The ones who got to hear him tell his story, the one that isn’t fictional. Well I missed my chance and the thought of it makes me sick.
If I ever get the chance to meet him again I will personally hand him my letter, sign his book and ask him what the suitcase represents but it’s very unlikely that I will see him again since he was on tour.

Love, Ann.

Irresponsible eating

Dear diary,

I feel so guilty… I was at home all day today and spent 80% of my day in the kitchen eating sweet treats. So from now on I want to keep a food diary : I believe that we should eat healthy, from every food group but in moderation.

We should eat to live and not live to eat.

I’ll make a menu for everyday, write down the food I ate, the total calories and note my weight (noting any weight gain or loss).
I think we should do this even if we’re not on a diet. Your body reacts to what you feed it, that’s why many illnesses can be linked to your diet. If I ever notice anything unusual like a weird headache, hair loss or fatigue I could look through my food diary with my doctor. For example, maybe I’m not getting enough iron, protein or vitamins into my diet. I could easily spot the problem and fix it before any harm is done.
Plus, with the diary I should be more careful about what I choose to eat during the day and hopefully it would not only cut how much I eat between meals but what I eat between meals. I hope this helps.

Love, Ann.

This is a new thing to add to your lifestyle and keep up. You can go online to find other people who are doing it and the many benefits. Are you tracking your diet too? Do you have any menus you would like to share with me? Please let me know in the comments box.↓

Hello November!

New month!

Dear diary,

I’m so excited because now I’m just a month away from my Christmas vacation! But before then, I have some things I want to get done, my November bucket list :
– always work, then play (always)
– improve my handstand and learn to do a cart-wheel
– read The Popularity Debt and Le Petit Prince
– improve the music page for this blog
– make hummus and gazpacho (experimental cooking)
– sell more bracelets

Love, Ann.

What are you excited about this November? Let me know, in the comments box ↓

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