Random Wednesdays!

Heyyyya! I hope everyone is having a nice week!
In case you’re wondering “random Wednesdays…?” Yes. That is the title of this post. I made it up ­čÖé
It was supposed to be a random Mondays post but since I couldn’t, I just posted it today and named it random Wednesdays.
1- I’m getting my phone fixed, my parents were upset but in the end they agreed to fix it for me. Phew.
2- I’m just very happy ok?!

Man is troubled not by events but by the meanings he gives them

I am very Needle by Born Ruffians today and I’m also very Taro by Alt-J too.
I have always known Needle. It’s an awesome song by Born Ruffians that everyone should listen to when they are really really happy. As for Taro, I discovered it while I was listening to ‘The Sounds In My Head’ a podcast by Daniel but I always knew Alt-J (remember ‘Something Good’?). I love the indian vibe in the chorus. Well it’s my kind of music. (Let me know if you like it too)

During my parents absence I’ve been reading a lot of short stories. The list is as follows :

  1. ‘Rags Martin Jones And The Prince Of Wales’ by Francis Scott Fitgerald : a humorous love story about a man that tries to prove his love to a girl who seems to be out of his league
  2. ‘The Fourteenth Ward’ by Henry Miller : I didn’t quite get this one, I must read it again… I really didn’t get it. I think it’s about this boy that lives on the streets and who describes his life on the street. It was really funny at times, it’s just that I rushed through it and have to read it again because I didn’t get the concept.
  3. ‘Sing, Shaindele, sing’ by Jerome Chryn : about a girl named Shaindele of Jewish descent who sings to earn feeding money. She falls in love and … I don’t want to tell you the ending, it’s the best part, just read it. It’s really good.
  4. ‘The Umbrella Man’ by Roald Dahl : on a rainy day a woman meets a man who is willing to sell her his umbrella for a pound but she soon discovers something about this curious old man.
  5. ‘Mr Botibol’ and ‘Vengeance Is Mine Inc.’ are other works by Roald Dahl.

Read any one of them, they are all good and if you’re lucky you might get the jokes and they will make you laugh and maybe even cry (Sing Shaindele Sing).
A video, for those who read this far : here is ‘Put a Light On’ by Generationals

¡Hasta pronto!


Looking for true love

Thought you couldn’t live without love?
Well this proves that you can. Too many times we think once we find love our whole life will become some sort of magical fairytale. Wether you are married or single, you must remember that love can’t be perfect, it cannot be like in the movies, Mr Right isn’t necessarily Mr Perfect. No human can be perfect.
They will hurt you or might have to leave you someday so you should be ready for that. There will be nights when you’ll feel like you’re walking on air and nights when you’ll feel like a fool.
And if you’re single, stop thinking that once you find Mr Right your life will be perfect because it wouldn’t (well, not 100%) and you only look desperate longing for someone like that. A lot of people rush into unhealthy relationships and are sometimes trapped in it for a very long time…
Instead of waiting for “him” to make your life perfect start making your life perfect now : exercice, learn a new skill, read a book, do something you always wanted to do. Love yourself first.

If you leave a comment I will visit your blog too and read and comment on your latest post. So please leave a comment!



I’m glad I have completed my to do list for last month, except the read The Popularity Debt part which I just couldn’t do. I feel like I have settled into my new school year and now I feel a lot less lost. I’m so excited about the music page (let me know if you want to make any contributions) and I’m feeling ambitious…

But my phone fell some days ago and the screen got broken, I hope the warranty covers it because I’m wayyy too scared to ask for a new one since I’m already getting a new laptop and a ton of other things and I would only look irresponsible and ungrateful, plus my sister’s phone got broken the same day too. SO SCARED. I don’t know what I’ll do if the warranty doesn’t cover the broken screen… I don’t want my parents to find out.

There are so many other things plaguing my mind but for now I just want to fix my phone’s screen (without my parents knowing about the broken screen thing) and I just want my parents to come back home already, ugh!

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