Breaking up with uninspiring habits

I think the time has come.

In between reading about substance, human consciousness and enlightenment, I made the decision of Life. I decided to live my life and love it.

I’m a very moody person and I easily settle into gloomy periods of hate, depression and anxiety. I noticed that my relationship with ‘Bae’ was not helping me either : We’ve been fighting since I finished my exams because he says I’m always busy, through my birthday because he couldn’t make it, my graduation which he also didn’t attend and the day I received my results, he was almost indifferent. I don’t think we’re meant for each other and we’re never really ON THE SAME PAGE!!! He doesn’t see the importance of doing the little things and he thinks he can skip to the main course : intimacy. (If he’s reading this) I’m sorry, I’m not confortable for that right now and I’m kind of going through enough on my own.

Even though a lot more influenced my decision. I feel like this is the best thing for me to do right now and at least we can always date other people and come back together if we fall in love in the future.

As you guys might know. June has always been a special month for me. The rain, the serenity, the changes. June is a month of transformation and I am not afraid of change (proud Gemini). I will spend the rest of my month healing and letting myself become renewed by constantly keeping myself busy and staying among people who truly care for my growth and well-being.

I am ready to cry, and to feel regret and most of all, I am ready to heal. The time is coming and it’s coming really fast this time.

What is a break-up if it isn’t difficult and unfair.

Hearts don’t break even.

Choose to live every single day…


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