Also check out Boom Clap and Fancy (Iggy Azalea)

07/01/2014 : Charli XCX – Superlove 01/06/2014 : Beyonce – Beyonce (click on the image for more)

Arcade Fire – click to see post

11/27/2013 : Afterlife – Arcade Fire (click on the image for more)


11/23/2013 : This Is What It Feels Like – BANKS (click on the image for more)

Album cover for ‘Nothing Was The Same’

11/16/2013 : This week Drake’s song ‘Just Hold On, We’re Going Home’ has been the #1 song on my iPod! I love the song so much! I have always been a fan of Drake. I bought his last album ‘Take Care’ (which was really good) but that was when I liked rap… And now he came out with this song! And I’m in love again! It’s a soft melodic jam and in the chorus he slowly says “Just hold on we’re going home, it’s hard to do these things alone…just hold on we’re going home…”  Listen to it here.

“live while you’re still young…”

11/08/2013 : ‘Garden Grays’ by Wildcat! Wildcat! (they are an indie pop trio). Their style is like that of Passion Pit and Alt-J. When I first heard this song I was in bed, just listening to songs on Songza and it came up but I don’t just listen to it during late hours, it’s also fun and energetic. I like the song’s versatility, they really know how to blend instruments and vocals. It’s truly amazing!  Listen to it here.


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