Eating Alone

The art of alone time


Stephanie Rosenbloom | Excerpt adapted from Alone Time: Four Seasons, Four Cities, and the Pleasures of Solitude | Viking | June 2018 |14 minutes (3,719 words)

Comptoir Turenne is on the ground floor of a nineteenth-century building with battered shutters in the Haut-Marais, on the less fashionable end of rue de Turenne. On the more fashionable end, Glow on the Go! serves concoctions like the Lolita with organic cherries and “superfoods adaptogens,” Baby Beluga sells bikinis and matching sunglasses for Capri-bound toddlers, and the windows of Delphine Pariente’s jewelry shop (now known as Nouvel Amour) advise: Soyez heureux, be happy.

Comptoir Turenne has no such panache. Its sidewalk views are mainly of a real estate agency and a men’s suit shop. It is not on “must-eat” lists. Visitors are not burdened by the ghosts of Hemingway and Sartre to have an indelible experience. All of  this makes Turenne a…

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‘Speed’ – midweek motivational french song

You are enough for yourself.

I love everything about this song, I hope you find as much pleasure in it as I did!

Don’t worry it’s almost the weekend! ❤

Last days of June

June has been such a beautiful month. I learnt so many things… from conquering my fear of medications, to nurturing my mind, keeping up with friends, love and work.

I am also learning to be more of me which is not only so beautiful but also means that I better understand who I am. The last person who came over to my place said it was very cozy and relaxing. These are the kind of spaces I create around myself, and it’s really part of who I am in as much as it expresses my philosophy about life. Slow and steady.

I’ll leave you with these gems. Continue reading “Last days of June”

Busy week

I’m so sorry it seems like every time I come on here it’s to complain about work. Well unfortunately/fortunately, I’ve had quite a full week. I had an internship and it’s been amazing meeting up with different key figures in my sector.

That said, here’s a snippet of what happened this week.

On punctuality

I won’t consider myself as someone who has problems being ON TIME. I tend to be lucky but not always, and when I don’t have luck on my side, things can go awfully wrong. I always give the story of how the train line I usually take had problems the day of my exam and I ended up paying a fortune for an uber ride (it haunts me till this day) but I have a new story…

I ran out of my house this morning 5 minutes later than planned. Luckily the bus was on time and the train line I had to take next didn’t take too long. At this point I’m stressed but with some luck I’ll be 15 minutes late which is acceptable.

Arriving at the tram station I run through a hoard of commuters ears blocked listening to Rihanna, some tourists, some people who you’d think had their morning off because of their nonchalantly slow pace. Bag securely tucked under arm and trying my best to be polite I push through, as with everything in life – with determination – “Sorry!”, “Excuse me!”, “Late, crazy, soon to be angry girl coming through!”. Continue reading “Busy week”

Florence + The Machine – Hunger

Oh, you and all your vibrant youth
How could anything bad ever happen to you?
You make a fool of death with your beauty, and for a moment
I forget to worry

It’s almost June (my birth month) and Florence Welch released another beautiful single. I’m in love! Enjoy.

Better friends

I saw this video last night and went to bed mind-blown. The School of Life handles some very tough subjects about emotions and relationships so well, they deserve some sort of award or recognition!

I really liked this video because it talks about childhood and the ideas of love we are given through books and movies and how that spoils our life later on.

Love shouldn’t be about cutting people off for a special person.  Continue reading “Better friends”

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