The pantomime

Dear diary,

Today we got a visit from the talented Guerassim Dichliev a Bulgarian mime. He took us by surprise from the beginning to the end! The show was very funny and I must add that he is very talented with sending messages through his gestures. My favorite part was the one about the conductor who conducted so forcefully he ended up stabbing hisself with his baton! It’s funny because he was orchestrating but looked like he was in so much pain (you know the way they always do) …turns around … And the baton is planted in his chest! That’s not even half of the funny part, but that’s the part I love talking about! It was equally emotional and I was close to tears at some points.
The show went splendidly well and in the end we were invited to write in this book of “feelings”, I would have loved to but I just couldn’t :$ …oh, yes! I’m a big coward.
If it weren’t for that I would have loved to write :

“Dear Mr. Guéro, I loved your show because it made me laugh and cry! You are very talented with making your body speak and I love your art.”

It’s nothing particularly special but I want to be part of the fans, the motivators. The ones who got to hear him tell his story, the one that isn’t fictional. Well I missed my chance and the thought of it makes me sick.
If I ever get the chance to meet him again I will personally hand him my letter, sign his book and ask him what the suitcase represents but it’s very unlikely that I will see him again since he was on tour.

Love, Ann.


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