Hey I’m Anna! I’m 16 now…just so you know. I’m in high school and I’m an amateur blogger. I speak english and french, and I’m learning spanish and arabic. I think I’m an old soul and I don’t ever want to be anyone other than me. I like reading, music (ie. indie), cooking, drawing, my family, friends, learning new ideas…It’s a really long list, I like so many things!

I believe life is long and hard and everyone has tough times and when you are going through a tough time you should find space to pray and meditate on God’s word because nothing else helps…

I also believe that every expert was once a beginner and we should never give up.

I believe that true happiness will never be found anywhere other than in your heart.

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Philippians 4:13 ❀


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  1. Very Pretty Blog! I’m actually starting to love it, and I might make one too thanks to yoou! You seem very inspiring! I really liked your text! It’s original and it’s definitely true!
    Looking forward to your future posts! xx

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