Musical influences : February 16′

Most of the songs have a reggea beat to them. Maybe because I was feeling a bit rebellious this month…

Lion Babe

Kali Uchis

Selena Gomez


Where are you now my love?

Why can’t I stop thinking of you, my love?
My sense of awareness escapes me no longer here
What we once had, so perfect
No longer here

Why do my eyes get misty, my love?
Your perpetual stream of messages no longer here
When I check my phone to see them no longer here

Where is our love, my love?
That feeling of something so abstract yet so real I could almost touch it…no longer here

Where are you, my love?
Didn’t you say that this was forever?
Our plans we made together intertwined, dreams and hopes for a future so uncertain yet with you I was certain that this would last…

Talk to me my love…
All of a sudden, my music and joy and everything life was to me vanished, Houdini, now I am standing amidst smoke.

You’ve finally left me, my love!
All along I knew this day would come but you told me to close my eyes, to fall, 3,2,1… Now I’m plummeting down a dark void and you are on the cliff looking down at me.

Well you’ve won this round my love but I warn you,
I have not forgotten the pain I felt yesterday
And yes tomorrow, we will be the cutest couple
But I would never love you like I did before
With my eyes shut and my conscience silenced
I promise you that never again will you see that side of me that so easily fell for your gimmicks and chantage
I tattoo this promise to the innermost part of my soul,
To remind me of what you are capable of,
I would never love you again,
Now you come back and it’s too late,
This love is already broken.

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