Since my last post…

Dear diary,

I feel so bad that I hadn’t posted anything in the past three months… I must say you’ve missed a lot. This period of my life feels like a roller-coaster. When I’m going up I feel so excited and everything is fantastic but when it’s going down I feel demotivated and sometimes I don’t want want to get out of bed.
I’ve learned that nothing heals better than Christ. When I’m confused and I turn to God he is always willing to save me. Sometimes I’m lost or I just need an answer so I go to a good Christian site and I read an article that talks about what I’m going through and it helps.
I want to maintain a steady pattern before I can feel more confident about posting everyday.

Love, Ann.

What weighs you down? Are you struggling with any difficult emotions? I would love to hear you, leave a comment ❤


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