My Favorite Part of the Day

My Favorite Part of the Day by Hannah Dewey

Dear diary,

Everyone’s asleep and I’m the first to wake up, (it’s 6:45 am). I think I’m a morning person because once I get up I can’t go back to sleep and mornings are my favorite part of the day. I like watching everyone wake up, take their time/rush off. I like everything about mornings. There’s really nothing to not like. I found this picture on Flickr and I find it beautiful because it reflects everything I like : warmth, mornings, quiet, steam… Well done Hannah Dewey for capturing so many nice things in one picture!

Love, Ann.


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Part of the Day

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  1. I love mornings but i usually don’t go to bed until 2am then wakeup around 10 sadly enough! haha, wish you would have taken the picture! Would have added more to your post ❤ Its lovely either way!

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