Irresponsible eating

Dear diary,

I feel so guilty… I was at home all day today and spent 80% of my day in the kitchen eating sweet treats. So from now on I want to keep a food diary : I believe that we should eat healthy, from every food group but in moderation.

We should eat to live and not live to eat.

I’ll make a menu for everyday, write down the food I ate, the total calories and note my weight (noting any weight gain or loss).
I think we should do this even if we’re not on a diet. Your body reacts to what you feed it, that’s why many illnesses can be linked to your diet. If I ever notice anything unusual like a weird headache, hair loss or fatigue I could look through my food diary with my doctor. For example, maybe I’m not getting enough iron, protein or vitamins into my diet. I could easily spot the problem and fix it before any harm is done.
Plus, with the diary I should be more careful about what I choose to eat during the day and hopefully it would not only cut how much I eat between meals but what I eat between meals. I hope this helps.

Love, Ann.

This is a new thing to add to your lifestyle and keep up. You can go online to find other people who are doing it and the many benefits. Are you tracking your diet too? Do you have any menus you would like to share with me? Please let me know in the comments box.↓


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