Looking for true love

Thought you couldn’t live without love?
Well this proves that you can. Too many times we think once we find love our whole life will become some sort of magical fairytale. Wether you are married or single, you must remember that love can’t be perfect, it cannot be like in the movies, Mr Right isn’t necessarily Mr Perfect. No human can be perfect.
They will hurt you or might have to leave you someday so you should be ready for that. There will be nights when you’ll feel like you’re walking on air and nights when you’ll feel like a fool.
And if you’re single, stop thinking that once you find Mr Right your life will be perfect because it wouldn’t (well, not 100%) and you only look desperate longing for someone like that. A lot of people rush into unhealthy relationships and are sometimes trapped in it for a very long time…
Instead of waiting for “him” to make your life perfect start making your life perfect now : exercice, learn a new skill, read a book, do something you always wanted to do. Love yourself first.

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  1. Dumebi · February 9, 2014

    good post! and I forgot to add, I think you’ll be a great writer in the future!

    • c4crowned · February 9, 2014

      Wow Dumebi, I don’t know what to say… :$ ❤ (Thanx!)

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