I’m glad I have completed my to do list for last month, except the read The Popularity Debt part which I just couldn’t do. I feel like I have settled into my new school year and now I feel a lot less lost. I’m so excited about the music page (let me know if you want to make any contributions) and I’m feeling ambitious…

But my phone fell some days ago and the screen got broken, I hope the warranty covers it because I’m wayyy too scared to ask for a new one since I’m already getting a new laptop and a ton of other things and I would only look irresponsible and ungrateful, plus my sister’s phone got broken the same day too. SO SCARED. I don’t know what I’ll do if the warranty doesn’t cover the broken screen… I don’t want my parents to find out.

There are so many other things plaguing my mind but for now I just want to fix my phone’s screen (without my parents knowing about the broken screen thing) and I just want my parents to come back home already, ugh!


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