Poetic old furniture paranoia + snow


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Quote #1

“Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It’s that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that’s what the poet does.” —Allen Ginsberg


I am perfectly fine being alone as long as I have my thoughts and a good book.


This week has been really tiring. My mum feels like I’m overreacting, I’m only in high-school right? wrong.

I, like countless times before, see things quite differently. For me, this is a period of evolution, transformation, change (you know, you know…).

Yes, in uni I would have more work but then I would be accustomed to that lifestyle, I would have finished going through this formative period. Till then, I feel like my family just needs to provide me with the necessary love I need to become that future woman. *sigh*

That’s it. I need to sleep now.


Where are you now my love?

Why can’t I stop thinking of you, my love?
My sense of awareness escapes me no longer here
What we once had, so perfect
No longer here

Why do my eyes get misty, my love?
Your perpetual stream of messages no longer here
When I check my phone to see them no longer here

Where is our love, my love?
That feeling of something so abstract yet so real I could almost touch it…no longer here

Where are you, my love?
Didn’t you say that this was forever?
Our plans we made together intertwined, dreams and hopes for a future so uncertain yet with you I was certain that this would last…

Talk to me my love…
All of a sudden, my music and joy and everything life was to me vanished, Houdini, now I am standing amidst smoke.

You’ve finally left me, my love!
All along I knew this day would come but you told me to close my eyes, to fall, 3,2,1… Now I’m plummeting down a dark void and you are on the cliff looking down at me.

Well you’ve won this round my love but I warn you,
I have not forgotten the pain I felt yesterday
And yes tomorrow, we will be the cutest couple
But I would never love you like I did before
With my eyes shut and my conscience silenced
I promise you that never again will you see that side of me that so easily fell for your gimmicks and chantage
I tattoo this promise to the innermost part of my soul,
To remind me of what you are capable of,
I would never love you again,
Now you come back and it’s too late,
This love is already broken.

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

A short description of Love :

Emotions. Extremities. You’ve probably heard the saying. Roller-coaster. You’re speeding on the high-way, it’s exhilarating. The rush when you hear ‘I love you’, you know those three words have the power to inspire but also to break. But you become so dependent on them. It’s all so romantic till midnight strikes… When the thorn pricks, the wolf howls, the true colors come out. Like black dye in a pool of clear water. Everything transforms.

For others, it’s more gradual. The events approach, step by step, like a cat ready to pounce. You feel it coming, but is it really there? You ask. Like cigarette smoke in a room, love fills the air. Your arms outstretched, you’re blinded by the fog and intoxicated, you keep tripping. You’re advancing because to you it’s all a game. Then it seizes you. It’s claws dig deep into your haunted soul.

Is that it?

A few hours, days, weeks pass…

Before you know it, you’ve recovered and you’re on full speed again.

Oh, the cycle of love. How do you keep me trapped in your evil loop?

Vince Staples : Misconceptions

In his music video for ‘Norf Norf‘ from his album entitled Summertime ’06 we watch Vince Staples get locked up.

I ain’t never ran from nothin’ but the police

I ain’t never ran from nothin’ but the police

I ain’t never ran from nothin’ but the police

He’s hand cuffed and taken to the station where he is questioned and in this black and white video, we see a lot of aggressiveness in the way the police treats Vince. He talks about issues black people face in the United States, especially where he’s from (Long Beach, CA) : drugs, gangs, police brutality, prostitution, teen pregnancies…etc

Last night, I came across an interview of him :

Entertainment is like a zoo,
You listen to the nice stuff (sheeps, birds…)
but you also go to see stuff that can actually harm you like the lions and the bears

He believes that the message should be as good as the sound and he tries to bring something new to rap.

It’s easier for someone to understand where you’re coming from if they can see it

Watch the interview here :

Make sure you also watch from 23:18 where he talks about how we perceive people and what rap music teaches today.