Our beautiful mistake, a Natural disaster

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I was taken back to our mistake when my eyes caught your evasive glance
Taken back to our mistake when your response to my questions, my quest for assurance, delivered, with lucidity, pure honesty – “Don’t expect this to to be your everlasting love” cut through me as easily as a brand new blade
Taken back to our mistake as the gap between us continues to grow, we are on two different plaques drifting further apart
Taken back because we are unequally yoked. How can two come together unless they agree?
Taken back because you are too thick to agree, too thick to listen, too thick to hear
So I was taken back to the mistake we made six months ago, the mistake perpetuated blindly because we refused to see
The mistake we craved and longed for until it erupted like a volcano and burnt our skin
But I am afraid that some laws are bigger than us. And this force is greater than our ignorance
This mistake is amplified from it’s epicenter, and as it reaches out – doors slam, curses are cast and we are hurt.
This was a mistake. We were not meant to be.
– Alex </3




Electronic music is in my opinion the modern symphony of our time. These pieces are mastered by genius DJs who have a passion for making music and making people feel music! If I knew how to remix and do all that fancy stuff I would definitely want to be a DJ. I have always loved music and as a fan of all things music, I believe it is important to be open to all genres, Electro for example, why not?

[Click on the picture!] Hannah Bronfman, now you also want to be a DJ?
Some songs I’ve been really into this week are :

– Cashmere Cat – Wedding Bells,

You really hear wedding bells in this song! Along with other percussions. (+ Mirror Maru)

– Go – Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds,

If you like them you should try ‘Barcode’ by Blood Diamonds

– Summer – Calvin Harris (Diplo and Grandtheft remix)

– XXX 88 – MO ,  (+Glass, one of her earlier works, not comparable to XXX 88)

And of coarse there’s the fresh new swaggy feeling you get when you listen to Electro music…


Set me free,
Leave me be.
I don’t wanna fall another moment into your gravity
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I’m supposed to be.
But you’re on to me and all over me.
This is Gravity by Sara Bareilles and her A Capella group (Awaken) in UCLA. The song is just captivating! And the sounds are amazing…
Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of her songs because I’m taking piano lessons soon and would like to learn to play some of her songs (Love Song, King Of Anything…) but also ‘Breakable’ by Ingrid Michealson :
And we are so fragile,
And our cracking bones make noise,
And we are just,
Breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys.
These pieces are so beautiful and since I am an intermediate (well, definitely not a beginner) I should be able to play them soon.
Wish me goodluck, x.
She’s so pretty :’)
Oh, and by the way, I think Ingrid Michealson is a good artist but I don’t get the hype about Girls Chase Boys (from her new album Lights Out, which I listened to on itunes FirstPlay and which is actually good work), maybe it’s because I don’t quite get it (yet?).

Pop music

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Pop music, which is weird because I don’t do Pop. It’s way too popular and they all sound the same (at least to me…) but ever since Fancy, I’ve been hooked. Now I listen to Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX, Becky G and MKTO.

Sometimes you just need to let go and just feel young (especially if you ARE young…), everything else can wait.

And BIG PLUS, it’s freaking summer! C’mon?! Pop music is almost the only kind of music for summer.


Just imagine, it’s summer, but you keep on lazying around

You’re waiting and hoping for that magical moment… (rolls eyes)

That “dream day”

But what you don’t realize is that every second that passes, every minute, every day should be that dream day, and every moment should be magical. Only you can make it so. So go out, look for adventure and you’ll come back here to say thanks Annaleigh :sunglasses:

And thanks to this awesome girl, I’ve been reacquainted with my long lost love Charli XCX 
Let me know what you guys are up to this summer

Music influences, prt 2

Body Parts – Be A God

I’m a really bad blogger, you know… (you, my followers) But I do love blogging, that is, when I’m jamming to songs I really like.

Those are my favorite things… blogging and music.

I would like to interact more with my followers. That is, of coarse, the difference between a blog and a journal. Previously, I blogged about some songs I liked, why I liked them and/or what I felt the artist was trying to say – now, I would like you to do the same :

– You name a song

– Add a link, so it’s accessible ( maybe to a site like soundcloud)

– And a description (don’t leave it looking empty)

Put in whatever you like, I want to feel your passion 😉 I want this to be a post for music fans all over the world. I promise to listen to every single one of your songs!

Now start filling up the comment’s section

Music influences, late June

I have a very interesting kind of memory : I tend to remember things better when they are drawn out or when I picture them, I think that’s what photographic memory is…but I’m no psychologist (not yet…?). Well, it isn’t always the case. I just randomly remember things, like when I smell something, when I see an object or when I hear a sound.

I love the memories that songs bring with them, good or bad. Sometimes it might make me to not want to listen to that particular song because it has too many emotions attached to it : Where Have You Been – Rihanna (no longer on my ipod)

I think these emotions play a big role in the type of music we decide to listen to, so in a way what you listen to is who you are

Mapei – Don’t Wait : Very beautiful song about love, (lol, I’m not in love) but that’s not why I like it. I like the “catchyness”, I like artists with attitude, who know what music is to them and who have a sound, Mapei is great at RnB, and I love the song. And hey, romance is beautiful and one day, I will be in love with the right guy.

BROODS – Bridges : I think this song is about relationships, burning bridges is breaking a link between two places or in this case people. Right now a lot of relationships in my life are changing, I’m gradually redefining who a friend is.


RAC – Cheap Sunglasses : Talks about phonies, “Your limousines get stuck in traffic
And we all know you’re made of plastic
You may seem like something classic
Your cheap sunglasses
And they’ll see right through you”

The Orwells – Who Needs You : Very political song about the american government, deep lyrics with a fun tune, good way to defend your point of view


The Modern Wimp’s Introduction to Stoicism

Maybe it’s a new concept for you or you’ve probably heard of it before (on facebook or some other social networking site).

“Contrary to common perception, being stoic doesn’t mean being emotionless. The real quality of Stoicism is far more masculine than not caring about anything – it’s about knowing when to care, when to be upset, and how to accept the inescapable with your head held higher than you thought possible.”

This site claims that it’s a male thing but don’t worry, it is just its theme : http://www.primermagazine.com/2010/live/introduction-to-stoicism

Coming down

Once again, I’m on vacation and I don’t want it to end! Not like I’ve done much… I just don’t want to start the school routine over again.

Reading ‘Une Vie’ Maupassant

I just watched this movie called ‘The Spectacular Now’ and I loved it. It was so beautiful! I was in tears at the end (I’m always in tears but trust me, you’ll cry too if you watch the movie). I just wish I didn’t procrastinate so much. It’s not really my fault though because I have no idea what to study for maths and I always get headaches (posture, neck, desk…issues, stuff.) I just wish things were clearer and more precise, it would really make everything easier for me. You can’t just tell someone to learn everything they did from the beginning of the year for a test.

But for now, if you just feel like lying down, and not really doing anything. Welcome to my team!

*throws confetti* (you’ll have to sweep that up later though…)

I’m listening to 4 songs from B’s new album!!! – Flawless, XO, Blue and Drunk In Love

Her songs are full of energy and I love the fact that she included a video for each one. I just wonder how she was able to keep it a secret till it’s release…

Oh and I already watched Chimamanda’s speech on TED which Beyoncé featured in Flawless. She’s a good writer. (Read her collection of short stories ‘The Thing Around Your Neck”)

Random Wednesdays!

Heyyyya! I hope everyone is having a nice week!
In case you’re wondering “random Wednesdays…?” Yes. That is the title of this post. I made it up 🙂
It was supposed to be a random Mondays post but since I couldn’t, I just posted it today and named it random Wednesdays.
1- I’m getting my phone fixed, my parents were upset but in the end they agreed to fix it for me. Phew.
2- I’m just very happy ok?!

Man is troubled not by events but by the meanings he gives them

I am very Needle by Born Ruffians today and I’m also very Taro by Alt-J too.
I have always known Needle. It’s an awesome song by Born Ruffians that everyone should listen to when they are really really happy. As for Taro, I discovered it while I was listening to ‘The Sounds In My Head’ a podcast by Daniel but I always knew Alt-J (remember ‘Something Good’?). I love the indian vibe in the chorus. Well it’s my kind of music. (Let me know if you like it too)

During my parents absence I’ve been reading a lot of short stories. The list is as follows :

  1. ‘Rags Martin Jones And The Prince Of Wales’ by Francis Scott Fitgerald : a humorous love story about a man that tries to prove his love to a girl who seems to be out of his league
  2. ‘The Fourteenth Ward’ by Henry Miller : I didn’t quite get this one, I must read it again… I really didn’t get it. I think it’s about this boy that lives on the streets and who describes his life on the street. It was really funny at times, it’s just that I rushed through it and have to read it again because I didn’t get the concept.
  3. ‘Sing, Shaindele, sing’ by Jerome Chryn : about a girl named Shaindele of Jewish descent who sings to earn feeding money. She falls in love and … I don’t want to tell you the ending, it’s the best part, just read it. It’s really good.
  4. ‘The Umbrella Man’ by Roald Dahl : on a rainy day a woman meets a man who is willing to sell her his umbrella for a pound but she soon discovers something about this curious old man.
  5. ‘Mr Botibol’ and ‘Vengeance Is Mine Inc.’ are other works by Roald Dahl.

Read any one of them, they are all good and if you’re lucky you might get the jokes and they will make you laugh and maybe even cry (Sing Shaindele Sing).
A video, for those who read this far : here is ‘Put a Light On’ by Generationals

¡Hasta pronto!

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