Transitioning into July

I want to start this post with a short paragraph on June. June was for me a month of waves. In the beginning, it was full of uncertainties because I was taking the first half of my final exams for high school. These feelings of doubt and fear slowly turned to bliss : I would spend my afternoons in my room, chatting with Bae and reading (Some Luck, Everything Good Will Come) the atmosphere humid but cold from series of heavy rain. I fell in love with Florence + The Machine’s new album, entitled “How Big How Blue How Beautiful”… Even though she might not necessarily be talking about waves, I just felt like that should be my “June 2015” album. When I listen to the songs, I would remember this mysterious month.

So many emotions in one month or is it just because I am more aware?

June. The month of my birthday. The month of the summer solstice. Month when Jupiter meets Venus.

I noticed that I’m starting to accept unfamiliar sounds more easily. I’ve listened to Weezer, Jamie xx and Leon Bridges’ new albums and I love them all.

I wonder what awaits me in July. I’m going to continue with my reading list and probably hang out with a few old friends. Do some yoga and test prep. I’m ready for whatever life is cooking up for me.


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