Are you wild like me?

I’m the kind who gets fond of a particular person. Growing up, I formed a tight set of friends being my sister, some from primary school, then a few from high school and family friends.

I think this is because I’m a very shy person and I’m too lazy to keep up with so many friends so only the realest ones endure. We would share the worst jokes, give each other stupid nicknames and spend the most humiliating moments together. My friends also boosted my creative side, from drawing we started taking photographs and making mini-movies with The Sims 3. Mainly, they supports me, motivate me, helping me to grow in many ways.

When I heard ‘Bros’ by Wolf Alice for the first time, I was first captivated by how fun the sound was, it wasn’t pop or rock… and its not weird enough to be labelled as indie but yet it was a fun tune.

My favorite part is when she sings in a hush tone :

Jump that 43
Are you wild like me?
Raised by wolves and other beasts
I tell you all the time
I’m not mad
You tell me all the time
I got plans

It reminds me of Romulus and Remus, petty disputes and the impromptu fun forced by boring lunchtimes spent together.

The band describes their song as an “ode to friendship and imagination”.

If you like their song ‘Bros’, try ‘Freazy’


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