At St. Valentino hospital

Oh doctor, please tell me

When do the meds kick in

How much more time

Till this ciroheart-flex 600

Starts to work its magic?

Reconnecting and putting in order

The stray veins…

Because it seems

They no longer channel blood

To the right ventricle ❤️

And this lazy broken heart

Cannot pump like it used to

Wasting away everyday

Slowly decomposing

What used to be so red and lively

Now grey and mournful

Dear doctor, do say

When the meds kick in

Because my other organs

Depend on my heart

They cannot carry on without their leader

My skins glows a bit paler each day

My nails grow more fragile

With the faintest tug, they give away

If not bent, they are bending

If not broken, breaking

And the ends of my hair

Splitting in two

Until the shaft

No longer curls like it used to

And the single hair falls

One by one,

They fall and fall

And fall….

Doctor, this pain doesn’t come on its own

Ever so often a few drops

Of a saline solution

Run down my cheeks

I’m afraid very soon

I’ll become so dried up

I’d be like the very raisins

I use in minced meat pies

Shriveled and juiceless

Just the flavors left

Of what used to be

The buoyant me

A drop of honey

A dash of lemon

Some mint leaves

A cinnamon bark

A cup of tea

Or tablets for faster results…?

Mother Nature vs Orthodox medicine

I don’t think either can promise a cure

My broken heart has been diagnosed

And like the countless others before me

I must endure…💔


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