Too good to be true?

“Girl, I’ve never felt this way before…” Is this even real? Boy, you take me to cloud nine all the time with these little things you say. I might be too easy or you might be good at this. Tell me, is this what you tell all the other girls? Do they give in easily to your charming smile and do they marvel at how you make simple gestures seem… … so angelic. I’m probably too care free… Maybe I should be more cautious.

But why do you say it so easily? Don’t you want to think it through… We could rush into this and find out the hard way that we were never made for each other. Let us talk. Talk about music. You like Kendrick Lamar, I like Amy Winehouse. You don’t listen to music much, I can’t live without it. Oh…cool. Favorite food? Junk. I prefer healthier things, nuts, smoothies… You’ll like it if you start. No? I’ll show you. You might like it. Ok. Sorry…

This emotion doesn’t leave, it comes and goes…

You tell me you love me, it’s beautiful but I’m afraid something’s wrong.

“I love you too much honey, it’s crazy. Come round here…” Yeah honey, I like you too. I really do but…


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