“My purse full of beauty and money and youth”

Rags Martin-Jones and the Prince of Wales – Francis Scott Fitzgerald

This week, I decided to reread a collection of New York short stories. The one I chose is a classic from the 20s.

The Roaring 20s

Some things just never leave you and reading this for the second time, I was able to appreciate the beauty more.

I like pretty things, Fitzgerald’s humour, witty and ironic, the kind that makes you smirk. The pages, romanticizing the Gatsby era, jazz, extravagance, you could almost smell the cologne. But the back-bone theme : Love.

What have you to offer me?”


“Love!” She disappeared again among the cushions. “Listen, John. Life to me is a series of glistening bazaars with a merchant in front of each one rubbing his hands together and saying ‘Patronize this place here. Best bazaar in the world.’ So I go in with my purse full of beauty and money and youth, all prepared to buy. ‘What have you got for sale?’ I ask him, and he rubs his hands together and says: ‘Well, Mademoiselle, to-day we have some perfectly be-oo-tiful love.’ Sometimes he hasn’t even got that in stock, but he sends out for it when he finds I have so much money to spend. Oh, he always gives me love before I go–and for nothing. That’s the one revenge I have.”

Rags Martin-Jones is difficult to love, she pushes John Chestnut over the dock when he begs for a chance with her and waltzes to her chauffeur driven car like she was made of delicious rose water. What does she want? At first, she might seem like someone who can’t be charmed. The types who have their hearts set on “higher things”, love, of course, being too low on their list of pursuits. In the end, John wins her heart after a night of thrill and suspense.

Epic romance – The Great Gatsby : Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan

The darkness of it mixed with the elegance are just a few reasons why New York is the perfect setting for this story and I have to add that the wit is quite enticing too.

Music from this week :

Coffee – Miguel

Annie – Neon Indian

What a Good Woman Does – Joy Williams

Tomorrow, I will be 18!


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