Georgio is a charming young guy.

He is tall and bold.

He goes to a good school and looks serious.

I have a slight crush on him.

We chat often and he says we are in love but I can’t say for sure.

You see Georgio knows the exact words to say to a girl. When he talks to me, I am taken by the words to another planet…in a trance. I really come alive and like a hot cup of whatever you like on a lazy morning, he gives me energy and motivates me.

But does that mean he loves me?

When I am down and he comforts me, present, telling me to be strong and what I need to do, I feel like I can trust him forever.

But does that mean we’re in love?

He stays up all night to chat with me and asks for my consent with how our dates should go but he doesn’t ask me how he should talk to his ex-girlfriends. They are still fond of each other and he send me images of their chats.

I’m probably jealous, but I don’t want to be just another one of those girls who he is fond of.

You see, Georgie might not be in love at all. I think he’s just a really nice guy who sees potential in people and helps them grow.

I would rather not let my heart grow too fond of him.


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