Alex’s First Post

I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel with my sister this week. The movie, directed by Wes Anderson, was comical and the main characters were cute. Mr Gustave and little mignon ‘zero’, the lobby boy 😀 I would definitely watch it again. The storyline is quite interesting, I believe it’s an adaptation of Stefan Zweig’s works, I’ll be sure to check some out! In all of this excitment, it also turned out to be a heart-warming story of how a lobby boy bonding with his master, found so much more than riches.

One of it’s major pluses was its graphics. The scenery was just amazing. The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture.

Another thing that I liked about the movie was the animation. In some scenes, the director used stop-motion and some other cute tricks that made the movie even more dynamic and interesting.

Sometimes in life you’ll need mentors. People to look up to and learn from. I find it difficult to be the apprentice. I’m just scared of being intimidated by someone else but as we see in the movie, Zero’s meek nature takes him far because Mr. Gustave confided in him and protected him. 


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