Electronic music is in my opinion the modern symphony of our time. These pieces are mastered by genius DJs who have a passion for making music and making people feel music! If I knew how to remix and do all that fancy stuff I would definitely want to be a DJ. I have always loved music and as a fan of all things music, I believe it is important to be open to all genres, Electro for example, why not?

[Click on the picture!] Hannah Bronfman, now you also want to be a DJ?

Some songs I’ve been really into this week are :

– Cashmere Cat – Wedding Bells,

You really hear wedding bells in this song! Along with other percussions. (+ Mirror Maru)

– Go – Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds,

If you like them you should try ‘Barcode’ by Blood Diamonds

– Summer – Calvin Harris (Diplo and Grandtheft remix)

– XXX 88 – MO ,  (+Glass, one of her earlier works, not comparable to XXX 88)

And of coarse there’s the fresh new swaggy feeling you get when you listen to Electro music…


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