Pop music

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Pop music, which is weird because I don’t do Pop. It’s way too popular and they all sound the same (at least to me…) but ever since Fancy, I’ve been hooked. Now I listen to Iggy Azalea, Charli XCX, Becky G and MKTO.

Sometimes you just need to let go and just feel young (especially if you ARE young…), everything else can wait.

And BIG PLUS, it’s freaking summer! C’mon?! Pop music is almost the only kind of music for summer.


Just imagine, it’s summer, but you keep on lazying around

You’re waiting and hoping for that magical moment… (rolls eyes)

That “dream day”

But what you don’t realize is that every second that passes, every minute, every day should be that dream day, and every moment should be magical. Only you can make it so. So go out, look for adventure and you’ll come back here to say thanks Annaleigh :sunglasses:

And thanks to this awesome girl, I’ve been reacquainted with my long lost love Charli XCX 
Let me know what you guys are up to this summer

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