Music influences, prt 2

Body Parts – Be A God

I’m a really bad blogger, you know… (you, my followers) But I do love blogging, that is, when I’m jamming to songs I really like.

Those are my favorite things… blogging and music.

I would like to interact more with my followers. That is, of coarse, the difference between a blog and a journal. Previously, I blogged about some songs I liked, why I liked them and/or what I felt the artist was trying to say – now, I would like you to do the same :

– You name a song

– Add a link, so it’s accessible ( maybe to a site like soundcloud)

– And a description (don’t leave it looking empty)

Put in whatever you like, I want to feel your passion 😉 I want this to be a post for music fans all over the world. I promise to listen to every single one of your songs!

Now start filling up the comment’s section


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