Music influences, late June

I have a very interesting kind of memory : I tend to remember things better when they are drawn out or when I picture them, I think that’s what photographic memory is…but I’m no psychologist (not yet…?). Well, it isn’t always the case. I just randomly remember things, like when I smell something, when I see an object or when I hear a sound.

I love the memories that songs bring with them, good or bad. Sometimes it might make me to not want to listen to that particular song because it has too many emotions attached to it : Where Have You Been – Rihanna (no longer on my ipod)

I think these emotions play a big role in the type of music we decide to listen to, so in a way what you listen to is who you are

Mapei – Don’t Wait : Very beautiful song about love, (lol, I’m not in love) but that’s not why I like it. I like the “catchyness”, I like artists with attitude, who know what music is to them and who have a sound, Mapei is great at RnB, and I love the song. And hey, romance is beautiful and one day, I will be in love with the right guy.

BROODS – Bridges : I think this song is about relationships, burning bridges is breaking a link between two places or in this case people. Right now a lot of relationships in my life are changing, I’m gradually redefining who a friend is.


RAC – Cheap Sunglasses : Talks about phonies, “Your limousines get stuck in traffic
And we all know you’re made of plastic
You may seem like something classic
Your cheap sunglasses
And they’ll see right through you”

The Orwells – Who Needs You : Very political song about the american government, deep lyrics with a fun tune, good way to defend your point of view



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