Coming down

Once again, I’m on vacation and I don’t want it to end! Not like I’ve done much… I just don’t want to start the school routine over again.

Reading ‘Une Vie’ Maupassant

I just watched this movie called ‘The Spectacular Now’ and I loved it. It was so beautiful! I was in tears at the end (I’m always in tears but trust me, you’ll cry too if you watch the movie). I just wish I didn’t procrastinate so much. It’s not really my fault though because I have no idea what to study for maths and I always get headaches (posture, neck, desk…issues, stuff.) I just wish things were clearer and more precise, it would really make everything easier for me. You can’t just tell someone to learn everything they did from the beginning of the year for a test.

But for now, if you just feel like lying down, and not really doing anything. Welcome to my team!

*throws confetti* (you’ll have to sweep that up later though…)

I’m listening to 4 songs from B’s new album!!! – Flawless, XO, Blue and Drunk In Love

Her songs are full of energy and I love the fact that she included a video for each one. I just wonder how she was able to keep it a secret till it’s release…

Oh and I already watched Chimamanda’s speech on TED which Beyoncé featured in Flawless. She’s a good writer. (Read her collection of short stories ‘The Thing Around Your Neck”)


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